About Us

At Doctor Murray Superfoods, we believe that health is the highest form of wealth. This is what inspired Doctor Murray to develop this unique product line. For the past thirty-five years, Dr. Murray has been at the forefront of natural medicine and healthy living. He has published over thirty books that have helped over six million readers improve their lifestyle by implementing his natural approach to health. He has dedicated his life’s work to educating healthcare providers and the public about the science of using natural health solutions to heal the mind and body. Now, he is changing lives with his vision to provide protein-packed, nutrient-rich superfoods.


Our bars have been infused with the highest quality superfood ingredients to deliver amazing nutritional benefits to our customers. Dr. Murray created these bars with one goal in mind: optimizing your health and performance with each bar.


Learn more about Doctor Murray and his vision for better health here: www.doctormurray.com